Saranac Village Update

Saranac Friends & Insiders,

Saranac Village is a special place, holy ground that the Lord has used for over 50 years of continual ministry. The past 15 months have been challenging following the pause in nationally managed Young Life camping at Saranac. However, our team has been busy at work in a unique season of stewardship with anticipation that God will continue to change lives at camp.

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting outreach camping for high school and middle-school students this upcoming summer! We are thrilled that ministry has rebounded such that there is a need to add six weeks of camping for summer 2023. Initial camp requests from areas project Saranac hosting over 400 campers and leaders for each of the six weeks.

Critical preparations are currently underway at camp in anticipation of the hundreds of campers and leaders expected next summer. ​ Thanks to a few key donations, renovations to the kitchen have begun including a new staircase to High Peaks Lodge, new floor surfacing, equipment updates and stainless steel surface installments. Other projects on the horizon include further infrastructure improvements, vehicle replacements and the purchase of a new Ski Nautique. While financial support will propel these projects forward, physical help at camp is also needed in the near future. Work week dates will be announced for late May to early June 2023. Additionally, work crew and summer staff are paramount to serving campers and leaders. If you know of a high school or college student looking for a discipleship experience, encourage them to apply.

​ We covet your prayers and ask that you would prayerfully consider supporting us as we make preparations for Summer 2023. If you would like more detailed information or to get involved with a specific project, please visit our website at or email us at

Thank you for the ways you all have been a part of Saranac’s story and for the continued support. We are hopeful for what God will do in this next season!

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